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resin pots wholesaleNuova Plastica Adriatica has been specializing for several years in the production of resin pots wholesale, which combine endurance with elegance.

Nuova Plastica Adriatica srl has been dealing for many years with the production of resin pots: the know-how that the company has learnt during the years and in this sector allows us to offer a valid product, both in terms of endurance, and elegance, without any of these two qualities to be reduced in favor of the other.

The long experience of Nuova Plastica Adriatica srl in the blow moulding process and in the treatment of plastic materials has been refined with time, in order to reach high quality standards, which allow us today to guarantee, in the production of resin pots, an object with several positive characteristics. The advantage of resin pots wholesale, compared to other similar terracotta models, is the blending of endurance with lightness: many similar terracotta models, even if produced employing a natural material, are quite heavy and stable, it is difficult to move them and therefore extremely uncomfortable. Resin pots, on the contrary, are much more lighter and can be easily moved or carried.

However this does not mean they are not stable: the Nuova Plastica Adriatica srl’s production of resin pots has focused with time on the stability and reliability of these products in order to reach theresin pots wholesale perfect balance of solidity and lightness. Moreover resin pots are generally aimed to be used in the open air, the base material, which is always only certified polyethylene, has been enriched with a special mixture that allows the vase to be resistant both to any potential impact and to the changes of color due to the action of some weather conditions, such as rain, humidity and sunrays.

This characteristic is particularly useful for everyone who cannot help using terracotta or stone pots, as they can be protected by the use of resin pots: they can be used as vase covers for similar models, which are made of other materials. The stone or terracotta vase can also be inserted into the resin vase, with the chance to drill the base of the latter. Finally the production of resin pots of Nuova Plastica Adriatica is wholly sustainable, as all products are non-toxic and fully recyclable.

To compare shapes and models of resin pots wholesale, please take a look at our online catalogue or contact us to get further information or make an order!

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