Plastic water jerry cans

Plastic water jerry cans: solution for trasport of liquids

The wide range of plastic water jerry cans include cans with different capacities, so that the customer is free to order the most suitable can for his/her purposes, without wasting space.

The aspect on which Nuova Plastica has invested the most in the production of food cans is the security of the materials involved in their production, as these will surely come into contact with liquid meant for food use (e.g. water).

Therefore our company is very careful in the choice of the kind of polyethylene to be used in order to guarantee that food cans do not contaminate in any way the liquids they contain. Plastic water jerry cans

The kind of polyethylene which is used is certified by technical sheets (for Italy we comply according to European Directive 2002/72/Ec) which guarantee in a clear way the use of this material for the carrying of liquids meant for food use.

Plastic water jerry cans: comfortable and functional

Our plastic jerry cans, in addition to being designed in order to occupy less room as possible, are equipped with a useful funnel, only for model from 5 liters and more, which makes easier the filling of the can and the transfer of liquids from one can to the other.

Available pallets include a number of pieces for each stock which varies according to the chosen model, in order to guarantee the most accurate choice of food cans when ordering.

The smaller tank is 1 liter, while the largest is 30 liters, the choice is however very wide because all dimensions are available; from 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25!

The jerry cans made of certified polyethylene are available in size 10 and 20 liters with practical tap at the base. If you are interested at this item check this page.

To see pictures of plastic water jerry cans produced by our company, please take a look at our catalogue or contact us for further information!