Plastic jerry cans with faucet

Plastic jerry cans with faucet wholesale:  choose Nuova Plastica Adriatica

This products are the ideal solution to transport big quantities of liquids for food use and in order to use them without too much effort.

Our plastic jerry cans with faucet, as any other Nuova Plastica cans, are meant for food use and are produced with low density polyethylene, which is particularly suitable to contain food liquids.

Moreover our cans are equipped with a useful faucet for the dosing of liquids.

This way, it will be easier to carry big quantities of water or any other liquid for food use without having to lift the can, in order to let the liquid come out, a particularly positive advantage for cans with a capacity of more than five/ten liters, which are usually very big and heavy.

Nuova Plastica jerry can with faucet has been designed in order to carry easily liquids for food use.

The model has been designed both with a higher than larger shape, which makes the can easier to be carried in the car, and with a faucet, which allows to fill glass or any other kind of container without having to lift the can to let the liquid come out.

Plastic jerry cans with faucet: also for trucker

Plastic cans with faucet for trucker

Nuova Plastica Adriatica plastic jerry cans with faucet catalogue include a special container, which has been designed on purpose for truck drivers and according to their own needs.

The can, in addition to its faucet, is equipped with a safe truck stop to avoid that the can may move inside the vehicle as a consequence of vibrations or impacts.

Even for this product, the material is guaranteed by Nuova Plastica Adriatica and it is safe and certified polyethylene.

For further information on jerry cans with faucet produced by Nuova Plastica or to make an order, please do not hesitate to contact us!