Food cans wholesale

Plastic jerry cans for food and water produced by Nuova Plastica are made of polyethylene, a plastic material that possesses the HDPE certification and therefore is suitable for contact with foods.

All the cans have the pictogram “for food” and are therefore adapted to the transportation and storage of liquid food, water, soft drinks or other.

Available size

Our production includes different sizes of cans with convenient funnel for pouring liquids, so that the customer is able to order the size according to their needs, and suitable for the conservation of all types of liquids both at room temperature how refrigerated.

The smallest jerry can is 1 liter while the biggest is 30 liters.
The choice is certainly wide because you can choose among different sizes: 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 liter.

In the size 10 and 20 you can also buy plastic jerry cans with faucet.

Safety and Certify raw materials

The aspect on which Nuova Plastica invests most in the production of food containers is the safety of the material used since it will have to come into contact with products intended for food consumption (such as water).

For the production of food cans, exclusively HDPE certified polyethylene is used according to the European Directive 2002/72/EC and subsequent amendments which define the global migration tests necessary to verify that the containers do not transfer their constituents to the food, contaminating it.

All our plastic food cans have the food pictogram and are certified by external laboratories that carry out specific tests to check that the permitted thresholds are not exceeded.

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A comfortable and functional design

The food cans produced by Nuova Plastica have a design designed to reduce bulk to a minimum, have a convenient funnel for pouring liquids and are available in different formats.

The pallets include a variable number of pieces per package in relation to the format in order to guarantee great versatility of choice in orders.