Plastic jerry cans for petrol

Jerry Cans for Petrol: UN certification

Our company produces only approved fuel cans aimed to the transport of fuel; in other words they are produced according to the CE regulations, which are nowadays to be followed strictly when carrying different types of fuel.

Plastic jerry cans of Nuova Plastica are resistant, as they have been designed in order to contain petrol securely without any kind of leakage: all plastic jerry cans are produced in polyethylene, which is certified to resist to any chemical agent, and they are therefore suitable to be used for the industrial transport of any kind of fuel and gasoline.

Jerry Cans for Petrol: the safe transport

The use of approved jerry cans for petrol is the safest way to transport fuels on the road: in fact it is dangerous and illegal to carry fuel in common plastic cans, which could corrode and produce the leakage of flammable liquids. Plastic jerry cans for petrol

The reason for that is quite simple: common cans, which can be purchased in supermarkets or in wholesale are not made of suitable polyethylene which can resist to chemical agents causing the corrosion of the can, unlike Nuova Plastica jerry cans, and therefore have high flammability risks.

Like plastic jerry cans for petrol we guarantee products with similar tightness of metal tanks, but cheaper and more resistant.

Jerry Cans for Petrol: features

Nuova Plastica approved plastic jerry cans for petrol are also equipped with a useful transfer tool which makes easier to fill in the can itself and to move fuel from the can to the vehicle, and they have also been designed in order to guarantee that the cans occupy the minimum amount of room during transportation.

They are available in different sizes, from the smallest (only 5l jerry can) to the largest (the 20 litre jerry can).

Transports petrol and fuel safely: using Nuova Plastica’s jerry cans, the only built with certified polyethylene!

To see all plastic jerry can fuel tank look our catalog.

Jerry Cans for Petrol wholesale: where to find them

If you are a retailer or wholesaler immediately ask us a quotation for one or more of the product pallet. You will find in the product data sheets all the necessary information on quantity and capacity.

If desidere purchase our retail products have to turn to one of the many distributors with whom we cooperate throughout Italy. Contact us also through forms to get to know those in your region.