Contract supplier


One of our guarantees in the production of articles as a contract supplier comes from the presence of a wide range of latest-generation equipment and technological instruments.

Contract supplier

In fact, the company has a total of 8 blow-moulding machines and 4 injection presses, which when operating 24 hours a day allow us to offer one of the best production capacities in the sector.

Our technologically advanced blow-moulding machines enable us to produce articles with weights up to 24 kg and capacities up to 500 litres, capable of fully satisfying a vast variety of customer needs.

The technical and industrial articles currently produced by the company for contract clients include:

  • buoys for mussel farms
  • lifebelts and tanks for nautical applications
  • industrial tanks
  • backpack sprayers for agriculture

All requests from contract clients for outsourced productions can be evaluated and satisfied with the maximum attention and rapidity, offering solutions and services that are always important and innovative.

The company therefore implements optimization programmes for its internal procedures, allowing it to work synergistically with clients to ensure that the various products and processes requested can be successfully supplied.