Tanks for food: what to know

Certifications and security are a must for plastic cans that will have to enter in contact with food.
Many are the specifications and security standards that guarantees the quality of the product, let’s check some key point to verify before proceeding to a purchase!

1 – Ensure proper composition

The best kind of plastinc for long-term food storage is High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) that is identified with the number “2” in recyicling symbology. HDPE is one of the most stable and inert kind of plastic: all containers designed specifically for food are made of this material.

Other plastics considered acceptable are PETE, LDPE and PP (Polypropylene) in addition to some kind of bio-plastics: material similar in feeling to the plastic but made by synthesizing vegetable elements such as corn. These are not reactive and can be used to store food

2 – Check the presence of security symbols on the bottom of the can

A standard system exist to identify a product designed for food:

  • A cup and a fork means that the can is safe to be used for storing food
  • The three-waves indicates that the object can be used in micro wave ovens
  • The snow flake indicates that it can be used in freezer
  • The dishwasher: that It’s safe to clean the can in such kind of household appliance


Our food tanks in particular show three main symbols:

  • Safety for food usage (cup and fork)
  • The symbol of the plastic material composition (HDPE)
  • The symbol that indicates that the item can be recycled

Simboli 2

3 – Read the can label

All relative informations of the product can be found in its label. More over here are indicated the informations about the security grade of the material employed, how to keep the product, how to use it and nevertheless how to dispose it.

4 – Use some small advices

Avoid to expose food cans at extreme condition of temperature and humidity, because these can accelerate the wearing of the plastic