Plastic processing

Plastic processing: the machinery

Nuova Plastica Adriatica srl is a company that specializes in the blow-moulding and processing of plastics for the production of household, garden and outdoor goods, as well as technical and industrial articles as a contract supplier.

The company has state-of-the-art machinery, constantly updated and amongst the best available in our sector, and with its blow-moulding machines and injection presses is able to work with plastics of all types, successfully offering specialized and complex productions to satisfy many different customer needs, with the highest levels of quality and also devoting the greatest attention to prices, which must always be absolutely competitive.

Only certified top-grade polyethylene is used in the manufacture of our products.

Plastic processing: the products

When making articles to contain food liquids, like jerrycans with or without taps, a specific polythene with food-grade certification and comprehensive technical documentation is used. resin pots from plastic processing

Items for industrial applications, such as fuel containers, paraffin spouts and technical articles for contract clients, are made in polythene with certified resistance to chemical agents. For gardening and outdoor articles like watering cans and plastic flowerpots, flowerpot saucers and plant tubs, special additives are blended with the polythene to guarantee the maximum resistance against sunlight and freezing.