Plastic forming

Blow-moulding technology: competence and expertise

Nuova Plastica Adriatica offers strongly consolidated competence and expertise in plastics forming with blow-moulding technology.

This process is used to produce and process plastics, and in particular for the manufacture of hollow items like watering cans, fuel cans, umbrella bases, flowerpots and plant pots, umbrella stands, technical and industrial articles, etc.

Blow molding technology for processing plastics

Blow-moulding technology: the stages of processing plastics

The production system is composed principally of an extruder consisting in a heated cylinder that contains a screw conveyor for movement of the plastic material, fed in first as granules but then softened into a pliable mass by the high temperature inside the cylinder.

At the end of the extruder there is an accumulation head that mechanically transforms the flow of plastic material and automatically controls the thickness of the “parison” or preform.

Beneath the extrusion head there is a clamping system where the various moulds are fitted.

Immediately after the parison descends into the mould, a nozzle blows air into it, expanding the plastic against the walls of the mould to give it the same form.

Polimero PEHDBlow molding plastic materials: one polymer,  many products

The material used in the processing is HDPE,  a high density polymer, easily processable, to which are added colored masters according to the demands of production.

This polymer also allows us to make different types of products, in fact, for its use in the field of containers of food cans will be processed in order to comply with the European Directive 2002/72 / EC for food contact.

While a particular process concerns the transformation to adhere to the UN Certification and realize tanks for the transport of fuel.

Also the plastics processing can be realized pots and planters for interior and exterior, they are enriched with a special blend that ensures greater resistance to shock and color changes generated from rain, moisture and sunlight.

Blow molding and plastics processing: the market

Our company works with both national and international markets and especially in Italy distributes its products through a network of reseller and wholesalers scattered in different Italian regions.

Our deliveries are made on pallets and are available within 10 working days.

To contact us and request a quote or additional information on products and services call us at +39.0541.629709 or write to us at our contact form!
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