Plastic umbrella bases wholesale

Plastic umbrellas bases:  squared or rounded?

Nuova Plastica Adriatica produces squared, rounded or different shape of plastic umbrellas bases according to the height and the weight of the beach umbrellas, which they must hold.

The excellent quality/price ratio, the endurance and the certification of the plastic materials used for the production make the plastic umbrella bases, produced and sold by Nuova Plastica Adriatica, the best solution for the owners of cafés, restaurants or any others, who require a practical and cheap solution for the open-areas of their own venues.

The umbrella bases are sold in a 32, 100 or 150 pieces pallets, according to the chosen model and contain from 4 to 6 pieces per box.

The models can be purchased in the two different colors, white and green, in order to ensure a nice color match with the base and the surrounding environment or furniture.

In the catalog are available the following products:

  • Square base 38×38 cm
  • Square base 45x45cm
  • Square base 60×60 cm
  • Round Base 45cm
  • Base Susy, conical shape 38 x 15 x 26.5 cm

These products are sold equipped with pole for the insertion of the umbrella and each has its specific diameter.

Plastic umbrellas bases: a certified plastic

Nuova Plastica Adriatica is a plastic umbrella bases wholesale that produced thanks to the technique of blow moulding, using only certified polyethylene in order to ensure the solidity and the endurance of all objects of the catalogue, especially of umbrellas bases which require a particular endurance quality when part of the outside furniture.Plastic umbrella bases

Speaking of which, we should also highlight that the polyethylene used by our company to produce umbrellas bases is enriched and reinforced by a special mixture, which allows the material to resist better to the action of sunrays and frost; weather factors which usually make the color of umbrellas bases placed in the open air to fade, as well as make their structure weaker.

Nuova Plastica’s umbrellas bases are the ideal product to make your garden or the outside area of your venue a fresh and welcoming place, where your customers can easily enjoy the sunlight.

For further information on plastic umbrellas bases take a look at our catalogue or please contact us!