Plastic Petrol Jerry Can

Plastic Petrol Jerry Can: close to environment

Plastic of Nuova Plastica Adriatica impacts in a positive way with the environment.

It seems a contradiction? It is not!

Buy plastic petrol jerry can made of certified polyethylene instead of cheap plastic is a great help to the environment!

The fuels tanks produced from Nuova Plastica are composed of very resistant over time polymers and have several excellent features:

  • They are lighter than competing materials (metal or other)
  • They have a longer duration
  • They are more hygienic, given that they have totally washable surfaces
  • They are resistant to chemicals, water and impact both externally and internally.

Plastic Petrol Jerry Can: uses

The fuel tanks of Nuova Plastica provides for reloading the fuel line for different vehicles:

  • car
  • camper
  • truck
  • TIR
  • agricultural machinery
  • other

Nuova Plastica Adriatica helps you to access to a very wide range of plastic jerry cans fuel tank.

Each container has a spout that can be connected to the fuel pump or the fuel tank of your car, your RV or your trucks.

In addition, the guarantee of Made in Italy is absolute. Try to contact us and we will explain you:

  • The business processes we use to create the final product (the plastic petrol jerry can ).
  • The machines that we use in the course of these processes.
  • Evidence that the entire chain is born and ends in Italy, without relocation at the expense of the quality of the final product.

We have three different format:

plastic petrol jerry can

5 litre plastic jerry can  |  10 litre plastic jerry can  |  20 litre plastic jerry can

Contact us for quotation or more information. And visit product page of plastic jerry can fuel tank