Manufacturing plastics: Injection-moulding and blowing of plastic materials

Workings on plastic materials began the early XX century, when the first synthesis experiments have started to be made on several polymers. Many years of tests brought to the first fabrication of small quantities of polyethylene.

It took little time to reveal itself to be an extraordinary discovery, in particular for its peculiar characteristics of strength and moldability. Some years after more sophisticated processing plants began to appear. Thanks to that it was possible to start using the polymer in injection-moulding activities and blowing applications: non-waivable processes that are still being used today for manufacturing a plenty of common everyday objects.

The types of industrial processing that can be made nowadays are so many.
Nuova Plastica mainly manufactures goods and accessories for gardening and plant nurserying, where most of the company know-how is employed, nevertheless we have had many thirdy-party orders for manufacturing plastic objects like marine lifebelt and buoys.

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Currently  several working methodologies are available which are elected according to the productions goals. Our company has a state-of-the–art manufacturing plant equipped with 7 machines for plastic blowing and 3 presses for moulding of the products components


How does it works the blowing process that lead the manufacturing of our products?

In order to facilitate the comprehension of the process we have made this nice infographic

Soffiaggio Materie Plastiche

Our machinery is capable of realizing from small-sized objects (about 2 litres) up to a maximum strength of 120 tons, required for manufacturing items with a capacity of 500 litres that requires the usage of an extruder that weights 25 kilograms.

This factory allows to cope with production of items specifics for gardening like vases, flower pots, saucers, watering cans, bases for umbrellas and in the same time to make other kind of items like umbrellas holders, bins and many kinds of tanks, ideal for food (alimentary use plastics) or for carrying fuels (jerry cans)

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These activities are involved in manufacturing of all small accessories equipped with our products.

3 presses works in order to realize caps, nozzle, stands for umbrellas, umbrella poles and other types of components. During forming process low density polyethylene is used since this kind of product requires to be more softer.

The whole process is reassumed in the infographic below

Stampaggio Materie Plastiche

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