Resin pots manufacturing

Discovering an Extraordinary Item

Choose the correct vase for decorating gardens, dining rooms and outside areas is never an easy choice. There are many materials available and even more shapes and colors offered.

Nuova Plastica Adriatica is a partner in providing a production of quality resin pots and explains how this particular material made ​​from plastics processing has indeed many advantages over the other.

The Resin

The resins are special plastics made from thermosetting plastic material, this class of polymers has as characteristic of a strong and malleability at the time of the initial heating during which the desired shape is created and subsequently cooled and hardened. At this point the shape can no longer be changed.

The products thus produced have many advantageous features compared to the same in other types of materials, ease of processing, low cost, flexibility infinite of colors, sound insulation, thermal and electric resistance, corrosion resistance, water repellency and impregnability by molds, fungi and bacteria.

Moreover materials are very light and easy to maneuver.

Our resins are molded through blow molding of plastics and can be made the most diverse forms.

Resin pots manufacturing

From raw materials arrive at the finished product, the production of resin pots provides strength but  Resin pots manufacturinglightness, elegance and reliability because it is designed not to alter with the changes resulting from rain, sun and humidity.

Functional processes suitable to be exposed on the outside but discreet, elegant and appropriate for interior. Resin pots and planters resin have an high durability and are available in different colors and shapes to suit every need.

Moreover, the production of resin pots from Nuova Plastica Adriatica is totally sustainable as all products are non-toxic and completely recyclable.