Wholesale garden supplies


Wholesale garden supplies

Production of household, garden items and technical and industrial articles as a contract supplier.

Nuova Plastica Adriatica srl was founded in 1968 as a small italian family-run business, the company currently has production facilities of some 6000 square metres, with a workforce of about 30 skilled experts. It’s a company that specializes in the blow-moulding and processing of plastics for the production of household, garden and outdoor goods, as well as technical and industrial articles as a contract supplier.

Nuova Plastic Adriatica srl is a company specialized in blow molding and plastics processing for the production of resin vases, household items and garden, as well as of industrial technical articles for third parties.


The best raw materials

Nuova Plastica uses only both for the production of a food items certified raw materials, such as food cans, that for the production of articles for industrial use, such as the different productions third account that the company developed on specifications of its customers. This has enabled it to expand its supplies in Italy and Europe guaranteeing punctuality and precision in shipments, seriousness and fairness in negotiations.

Our productions

Nuova Plastica Adriatica manufactures various items through the processing and blowing plastics: watering cans, bases for umbrellas, jerrycans for food liquids, or petrol and diesel transport tanks with taps for easy dispensing of liquids, resin planters and vases for indoor and outdoor, umbrella holders and bins for recycling.

The company also offers a tolling service for the production of industrial articles such as buoys for the collection of mussels, annular buoyancy for the nautical, tanks for boating, tanks for the industry, to shoulder pumps for agriculture, etc…

The company constantly researches, develops and designs new products to be made, allowing it to satisfy customer needs even better at prices that are always absolutely competitive.

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